The Influence of Casey Neistat

I’m sitting in front of a Subway™ inside Sydney International Airport watching Casey Neistat vlogs on YouTube whilst I wait for my plane back home. Home for me is Auckland, New Zealand by the way – the big little city that sounds like a Lorde/ The 1975 compilation album.

This summer I’ve spent most of my time stuck inside a huge clothing store smiling and chatting away about clothes. It’s been super busy and at times extremely stressful, but ultimately, the identity capital that I’ve attained has been worth it. Not to mention this thing called money.

Nonetheless, my summer vacation did not truly begin until I went on a three-day road trip with some girlfriends to the Coromandel. In the six to ten years we’ve all known each other that was the first trip that didn’t include parental signatures on excursion slips and school buses.

The participants of this said voyage into womanhood: the bubbly comedy-lover and aspiring engineer Bana (or as I simply call her, B). The goal-oriented girl-about-town Richa. The witty nurse Jess and lighthearted science lover Ciela.

Oh yeah and of course, myself. The ambitious cynic Jenn.

I personally found the road trip great. Driving around in a sporty Subaru lent to us by Jess’ cool-as-a-cucumber boyfriend is as Kiwi as it’s going to get. The trip had very Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants vibes, which I was completely digging.

Of course on every intrepid journey human beings take, there’s always the moments that you contemplate killing your travel buddies. We were not immune. However, if you keep a little perspective, you should all be fine.

Straight after my road trip, I jetted off to visit my older brother Silas in his new town of Sydney. Besides being able to seriously catch up on sleep, I had a lot of time to evaluate my life path as it’s now a new year and I’m a bright-eyed 21-year-old.

Between the ages of 13-19, I was certain that I knew what I wanted to do in life. I had my entire life seemingly mapped out onto a sheet of paper like some blueprint. However part way through my first year of university, I spilled coffee on that blueprint. This drove my mental state straight into a ditch.

I’ve since bounced back from that harrowing time and to be honest, I’m doing way better than I ever was before I crashed my cart (so to speak).

What I realised during these three weeks away from work is that sometimes you have to just go for broke and do it! Whatever the heck ‘it’ is.

For me ‘it’ means life as a whole. I have a lot of dreams and goals I want to tick off in a short amount of time. Quite a few things are going to have to change if I want to achieve them. That includes work, school and other aspects. Some of those factions may stick around this year and some of them may not. I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, all of my ramblings have just been to tell you all to go for broke this year and every year! If this was your last day alive what would you regret not doing? Do exactly that. Think about where you want to be and just start walking. It may not be instant; you may have to drop some of your baggage along the way. At least, you’ll know that you’re doing it.

Jenn xo

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