There once was a girl who ruled the world. End of story.

Technically factual, but that doesn’t do the parable any justice whatsoever. Let’s start at the beginning. Who is this ruler of the world you ask? Well she was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, but if that doesn’t ring any bells let’s just call her Coco. As Coco Chanel, she created a fashion empire that has stood the test of time and continues to be the cornerstone of fashion till this day.

Chanel was a wartime revolutionary. She was a leader for women at a time when the female population were being liberated from the shackles of patriarchy. Oh the roaring 20s!tumblr_o3l5crNui51qcfwlgo1_500

Chanel was the epitome of a badass boss. She set a precedent in not only the fashion industry, but a way of living that has created a generation of successful doers. As much as I admire her, I have been learning not to look up to anyone. It’s not that I think I am on a pedestal, it’s that I know I’m not. I know that no one is.

“All that looking up can keep you down. The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own.” – Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS

As human beings, we are all prone to error. No one is a paradigm of knowledge and since understanding that concept, I’ve had a lot less stress and disappointment in my life this year. Go figure!

In typical fashion, I digress. So let’s rein it back in and talk about my all time favourite quotes from Ms. Chanel.

Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.

coco-chanel-07 Many people fail at the things they want to do in life because they fear that success isn’t feasible. As a result, they psych themselves out. It isn’t that successful people don’t know that failure is inevitable. They simply choose not to consider it as an outcome.


A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

Women get put into a lot of boxes of expectation. Many a time, it’s not even a box we would have chosen for ourselves. No matter what people say to dissuade you from chasing your goals, if they are truly your goals, there’s nothing they can say. Cut them… Ok, maybe don’t do that, but do you. Ha!


My life didn’t please me, so I created my own.


That is self-explanatory.


I never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird.

This is something I completely agree with. Not just because I’m a feminist or because Emma Watson’s UN speech was amazing. It’s because my mum like Coco, Sophia and Emma is a #GIRLBOSS. She taught me extremely well. Always learn to save yourself, not because you want to be an island. I mean if you do, more power to you but I would tread carefully with that.

Learn to save yourself because no one else will.

You need to be a complete person before you become part of something else. No one is a fraction of someone else. That is why from a young age I learnt how to zip/unzip my own dresses. There’s not always going to be someone there to do it. Plus I have really long arms and figured I should put them to use.

Anyway, the past 562 words have been a roundabout-typical-Jenn way of saying I think Coco Chanel was an amazing woman with a lot to offer the world. Her attitude to life and wisdom is something we could all learn a little something from.

Until next time,

Jenn xo



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  1. Articulate, fresh and well written.


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