We all want more time. More hours in a day, more minutes at the end of an exam – more time.

They say the best things in life are free, but how much would you pay for more time? The first moment I thought about the importance of time was when I missed the opportunity to buy a gold plated microphone at the Sunday flea market. As devastating as that was not, the true impact of time hit me at age five.

P.S.A.: The term ‘time’ is the operative word in this article. So to avoid the monotony of the word ‘time, I’ll be using a slew adjectives. Hope you enjoy! If not, I ain’t sorry. #LEMONADE

Ok, time to return to our scheduled program.

In my twenty-one years of existence, I can honestly say that I have only received personally devastating news twice. My mum’s breast cancer diagnosis when I was seventeen, and twelve years earlier when I found out that my younger brother Anthony died.

Even though I was only five when it happened, the concept of time did not escape me. I wanted more of it. I needed more of it, but I was never going to have it, not with him.

21 will always be a significant number to me for many reasons. My favourite Adele album. The first year adulthood really hit me. The fact that two plus one equals Si, Jenn & Ant. Most importantly being both my brothers’ birthdays.

Time is the most important commodity on the planet. It is free but it is extremely expensive. It is the difference between life and death. It is the healer of wounds but not the eraser of memories.

What could he have become?

Where would he have gone?

How many times would we have successfully ganged up against Silas?

I don’t know – I wish I did, but I guess I have all the time in the world to imagine.

Happy 16th birthday Ant!

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  1. That was well written. Thanks for writing this.


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