June Favourites


Well in pretty much no time at all, we’ve hit the middle of 2017. In typical fashion, so much craziness has already happened. So much more is to come.

I’ve meant to do this monthly favourites post for a while now, but I’ve been struggling with crippling writer’s block and many other things in all honesty. So I’m doing it now, because the veil of impediment has been slowly lifting lately and why the hell not!


Melodrama – Lorde

Anyone who has the unfortunate task of hearing the inner workings of my brain knows that my mind can be very visual. This latest Lorde piece took my mind on a trip – to New York City to be exact. I could see and hear and in many ways feel the air of NYC during multiple listenings of Melodrama. The album is colourful and beautifully chaotic. It’s woozy, and although not lacking in the grandeur of Pure Heroine, it feels more unhinged and less indulgent. There are still no shortages of Lorde-like lyrics depicting the rollercoaster of emotions we face during this complicated age.

‘Sober’ could very easily be my favourite track. It’s violet and blue and the soundtrack of the denouement of a house party.

I’m acting like I don’t see
Every ribbon you used to tie yourself to megiphy

Neon-infused songs like ‘Supercut’  and ‘Green Light’ fluoresce the artistic line-up as dreamy, high songs like ‘Homemade Dynamite’ use onomatopoeia to “blow shit up.”
We’ll end up painted on the road
Red and chrome
All the broken glass sparkling
I guess we’re partying

There are so many things going right with this electro-pop art piece. From its wordplay to its imagery. It describes itself and young life entirely well: melodramatic.



A couple of my best friends are absolute fragrance-fiends, and I love it! I’m slowly trying to become one, but the bank account at the moment only allows for bi-monthly splurges of online shopping and my Apple Music student subscription #studentlife.

Bank account capacity is not the only reason though. I’ve always been quite static on the things I like. If I like it, do I need to change it up? It wouldn’t hurt, but I’ll save that for a future positive changes post…

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock Parfum Review Little Emma Beauty Blogger Duesseldorf 2017_14










Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium has been my signature scent for awhile now. So I wouldn’t call it a discovery by any means. However, the fragrance has a very Autumn-Winter headiness to it. Vanilla, coffee and white flowers are the main accords creating the headiness that I’m probably associating with my favourite seasons of the year. Nonetheless, it’s always a favourite of mine.

There’s been a lot of things I’ve liked this month, but I’m going to stick to those two things. Keep your eyes peeled for my future post.

Till next time,

Jenn xo


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